Raimo Karhunen

Web designer using RapidWeaver to build Pulse sites from USA shares his story.

I had to find a solution.

"After years of building static websites (over 200 now) for clients, mostly with RapidWeaver, the biggest request I have started getting from these clients, is to add "editable areas" and "blogs/news" pages to their websites."


Pulse plays great with RapidWeaver.

"I needed to find a way to convert these to a CMS, without "starting from scratch". I looked at a few different solutions, and settled on Pulse CMS. It offered the best all-round solution of ease of setup (as in no mySQL databases…), easy integration with all my existing RapidWeaver websites, cost effective, and a "future roadmap", as I did not want to be locked into a CMS that disappeared a year or two down the line, or had pricy upgrades to a new version…

Also, a key part of my CMS choice, I have websites built with anything/everything imaginable from the RapidWeaver ecosystem. Back in my "early" RapidWeaver days, 7-8 years ago I did everything with themes (SeyDesign, Nick Cates, 1LD, etc.) I slowly moved to using mainly Freestack, and now mainly use Foundation (although I have my eye on you Foundry!)"

Converting my sites to Pulse one at a time.

"What this meant to me was, I needed a CMS that I could integrate into everything RapidWeaver, not just one ecosystem. Already in the last 5 months I have started or finished converting 20 RapidWeaver websites to Pulse, and built 5 new ones, with Pulse CMS integration built in from the start.

Over the next few months, I will be converting or building at least another 10 Pulse/RapidWeaver websites Pulse also had one key "extra" that most of the other RapidWeaver CMS's lack, and that is the ability to do "multi-lingual" websites. With the "Localizer" Stack by Instacks (who also built the Pulse CMS RapidWeaver Stacks as well) I have integrated this already into 2 of the new websites I built, and the clients love the results!"

I have really enjoyed working with Pulse, the support from Michael and his team has been great, and I can't wait to see what Pulse 5 brings!

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