Johan Sträter

Product designer, web designer, user experience and graphic designer
from Germany shares his story.

I ❤️ Pulse.

"I really like working with Pulse. I am currently working on two more projects and am planning on integrating it into another two existing websites."


*Greetings from Germany and thanks for not only keeping Pulse alive, but boosting it to a new level*!

Goodbye to extensive client training

I have worked with Joomla and Wordpress - but this CMS is so great, because I don't need to train my customers or offer support after the project is live. Even inexperienced users understand without asking questions, how to use their Pulse CMS site.

Goodbye to time consuming support

If you want to send out invoices quick to happy customers - Pulse CMS is what you are looking for - you will never have to offer time consuming support to customers of smaller web projects any more.

Building many sites

Here are two websites I have made recently:
She is a intercultural Trainer for Volunteers who work with refugees and immigrants.
This client is specialized in reverse engineering.


Pulse helped me get rid of unpaid support.

"I implemented Pulse after the fact in this site:

I used Pulse to get rid of unpaid support for this project (changing names, Phone Numbers and other small tasks). The site has two different themes for Desktop/tablet and mobile views. Both themes use the same blocks in Pulse. Therefore I didn't have to switch to a responsive template, saving money for my customer and lots of time for me.

What i love about Pulse? (which is a lot :-)
I don't need to change my way of coding - Pulse CMS integrates into my way of working."

Pulse keeps it simple for everyone.

"What I love about Pulse CMS is, that it doesn't try to be as fancy or clever as possible - it tries to be as easy and straight forward as possible - it saves me lots of time, implementing a CMS with very little learning time.

This CMS is perfect for designers, that don't have (and have no interest in having) the best PHP skills - but need to get a good job, done fast - there's no need to study a new framework.

It is the perfect CMS if you need to add a CMS to a downloaded template, without going deep into the code of the template. It is easy and lets you get the job done quickly."

Johnan is always working hard on new Pulse sites and product designs. He has an extensive portfolio and enjoys taking work to the next level.

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