Full features list

Pulse ships with a lot of features out the box to help make it easier for you to complete your web projects. And here is a place where we could write it all down.

All main features at a glance


SSL required and compatible
2FA for extra secure logins via another device
Salt and Hashing of passwords 
PHP 7 compatible with latest features and Bcrypt
Tested latest standard of security tests
Forgot email feature hashed 
reCAPTCHA on forms available to stop SPAM

Theming / Templating

Easy templating engine with a few tags
Convert any HTML or other theme site
Theme selector from the admin
Child themes per page available 
Custom CSS / JS site wide or per page
Embed on any HTML or PHP site already made
Included Themes on install
Theme uploader allows for quick theme adding


Media management with drag and drop
Quick media uploader from the admin or via SFTP
Media players for audio and video
Embed YouTube/Vimeo videos in content 
Slideshow, Masonry, Lightbox, Thumbnail Galleries
Thumbnail auto generation
Image compression and auto sizing
Image cropping
ALTs, link images and titles 


Plugins uploader from the admin
Variety of plugins included
Things like embed GMaps, MailChimp and so on
But more from official and 3rd parties here


Allow files to be uploaded to collect data from clients
Restrict what files can and can't be sent

User Management

Quick Editor user allows page or part page access
Allow just blog access or sidebar of a page or full page
Multi-users and multi-groups with shared permissions
Unlimited number of users possible


Host on any PHP 7 compatible Apache server
Works with many shared hosts


Track many stats like:
Devices, Location, System, Browser
Week highlight and today stats
Most popular pages
Top Referrers, page views, bounce rate


Sitemap auto generates and visual sitemap
META title and description for each page and blog post
No follow and Robots builder option
Custom META also easy to input
Social Media share buttons 
Pretty URL links 
Fast page loading
OGP settings for pages and blog posts


Easy WYSIWYG visual editor 
Paste from Word
HTML or Markdown input also allowed
Optional inline editing for quick spot edits


Draft posts and set Blog posts for future publishing
Duplicate posts for quick editing
Create pages, blocks, blog posts, stores
Organise content by folders
Share blog post responsibilities or delegate pages


Auto backup to server upon every daily edit
Offsite backup via email also available 

Lockdown pages

Make pages private with password and 2FA
Create private members only areas
Hide private or unready content

Admin Dashboard

Edit all text visually 
Easy to use user interface
Client notes option


Update to the latest in-app with the updater


Simple contact forms
Complex forms with drag and drop 
Email list collection for mail outs
MailChimp embeds
SMTP sending available 


Full shopping cart auto creation with PayPal
Add and edit products from the browser
Quick PayPal and Stripe Buy Now buttons Tags

Site Designer

Create sites with the Pulse Builder
3rd Party with Blocs and RapidWeaver for Mac


Multi blogs per site allowed
Tags / Categories pages and sorting
MarsEdit for Mac updating available
Standard blog or Masonry blog layouts
Complex layouts available with Pulse tags Blog Loop
Date setting for future publishing
Recent Posts tag to show on other pages 
RSS built-in
Featured images for each post 
Custom URL slug for SEO and full META options
Blog import (migrate) your old blog content into Pulse

Mobile Ready

Edit from your phone or tablet
Responsive design admin and front-end sites 
Touch enabled 

Dev workflow

Github compatible for deployment as a static site
Runs locally on MAMP
Edit content by creating .txt files or via the dashboard
Debugging and log viewer built-in


Build multi-lingual sites with a language selector
12 languages included for the admin back end 
Date and time localisation built-in
Language setting per page optional 


Site wide search with the search tag
Option to omit pages from appearing in search


All assets localised and included
Cookie Consent Form option 
Contact Form has opt in checkbox
Policy generator tag included
Optional Google Analytics

Site Performance

Fast loading pages
No database to reference
Built-in cache 

Easy Installing

Quick installer to complete in seconds
No database to setup
Server scanner to check compatibility


White-label as standard - no mention of Pulse
Customise the login screen
Add your logo and client's avatar
Favicon and Apple Icon


Build Navigation with drag and drop
Link to external pages

Custom Post Types

Create custom post types with audio/video support


All the features and benefits you need to make great sites

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