Offline desktop blogging with native apps

Write, preview, draft, publish, and archive your blog from a Mac (MarsEdit) or a PC (Open Live Writer). Fully offline compatible and easy for clients to edit.

👀 Mars Edit 👀 Open Live Writer These apps are recommended but others should work also - all sold separately.

The power of the desktop computer apps with the flexibility of an online Blog CMS

Easier blogging for you and your clients

Rich and Plain Text Previewing
  • Switch between Rich and Plain text, preview in realtime and write in Markdown if you want.
Easy File Media Management
  • Attach images directly to your post with drag and drop. Scan your computer for files, edit and attach.
Offline Freedom
  • Write anywhere without an internet connection. Edit your ideas on a desert island then publish when you're back.

What can you build with Pulse
(as well as edit your Blog offline)?

Full Featured Blog

with galleries and featured images

Multilingual Sites

with a language selector dropdown

Lockdown Pages

with passwords for client areas

Contact Forms

such as contact and newsletter sign-up

File Download Areas

with delivery and drop zone features

Photo Galleries

sliders, Lightbox and masonry styles

Media Players

for audio, video and Gallery Stack 3 

And Much More..

Googlemaps, social share, banners..

These people ❤️ using Pulse in their projects.

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    "The integration on @pulse_cms into MarsEdit is going to make life a lot easier."

    Desktop Blogger
    from 🇩🇪
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    "PulseCMS is by far the easiest and quickest way to implement a full feature blog and CMS solution that just works without any issues."

    RapidWeaver template and project maker from 🇬🇧
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    "This is so exciting, well done.""

    Ade Thompson
    Web developer and designer from 🇬🇧

Use any compatible MetaWeblog Blogging app such as:

Build blogs that can be edited anytime, anywhere from desktop apps

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